* Apprentice Program *


We are proud to be able to offer  an Apprentice Program for those teens interested in learning about Emergency Medical Services. As an Apprentice you will be able to ride on the ambulance and respond to calls, as well as, learning the operation of an Emergency Response vehicle; Assist providers with patient care and take vital signs (pulse, blood pressure, and respirations); Learn 911 dispatch communications; become trained in CPR; unload and load stretcher and MOST IMPORTANT is making a difference in your community and helping to save lives!
This Apprentice Program, as well as other Apprentice Programs in the medical field, will make you eligible for our $500 Scholarship, which will be available for the following school year.
If this is for you and you would like to join our family, then all it takes is for you to submit an application.  Call us today at 315-986-2309.  Once approved, you are on your way to a most rewarding challenge that is both fulfilling and in demand.